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All our consultations take place face to face in the clinic with trained doctors and psychiatrists.

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  • Receive a GP consultation
  • Full health check: ECG, blood test
  • Psychiatric consultation and assessment
  • Medical report
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ADHD is a mental health disorder with a variety of consequences, such as impulse control and hyperactivity, which can lead to significant impairments at home, school and the community (Fletcher, 2001). ADHD affects the brain structure and is present from birth, though diagnosis is often delayed, misdiagnosed, or missed altogether – meaning it can be diagnosed as a child or later in life as an adult. As a behavioural disorder, ADHD has debilitating and widespread impacts on all areas of life.

The impacts of ADHD can be severe and difficult to manage without help and appropriate treatment. Some symptoms of ADHD are; difficulty concentrating, being inattentive and failing to finish tasks to completion, mental and physical restlessness, forgetfulness, impulsivity, and unstable mood. These can cause behavioural issues such as struggling to listen during conversations, getting easily distracted, forgetting things, and making mistakes. However, the disorder is varied and requires an in-depth formal diagnosis by a psychiatrist in order to be treated accurately according to te individuals’ particular symptoms. Additionally, depression, anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem and drug misuse are more common in adults with ADHD.

These symptoms can have debilitating and destructive impacts, often resulting in a lack of academic, social and personal development. For instance, it has been shown that higher severity of ADHD symptoms is predictive of poorer academic achievement (Rogers, 2001) with an increased likelihood of getting low results at school.

Allowing symptoms to go untreated can also create challenges in interpersonal relationships with families, friends, colleagues and partners, making it difficult to form and maintain positive interactions. In fact, studies show that people with ADHD are significantly more likely to go through divorce. Additionally, symptoms of ADHD can cause difficulty regulating emotions and coping with independent living, including poor time management, losing or getting things and financial difficulties, and has even been linked to an increased likelihood of criminal convictions (Krishnadas, 2002) as well as obesity, as individuals struggle with healthy weight management.

These symptoms have debilitating and destructive impacts, often resulting in a lack of academic, social and personal development.

These are just some of the wider impacts ADHD can have on your life.

A diagnosis allows you to manage lifestyle and relationships more effectively

Formal diagnosis is important because you are more likely to manage symptoms. Managing symptoms can reduce the debilitating consequences of ADHD, improving overall quality of life: in employment, academically, socially and interpersonally. With the right support and professionals to oversee the process, you can maximise positive results. Our main goal is to ensure a complete and comprehensive treatment of ADHD with the outcome of managing symptoms and positively benefitting all aspects of the patients’ life. Our qualified psychiatrists can diagnose your ADHD and provide medication that best suits you.

Every person requires a unique approach to enable them to enjoy a fulfilling life and career.

We provide a comprehensive fully-integrated ADHD clinic.

We are the only clinic to take you from assessment, to prescription and treatment, to dispensing and delivery.

Our clinic has created a streamlined, straightforward service to alleviate stress and accurately target the specific symptoms of ADHD: whether you feel that you may have ADHD, or if you would like to know whether the psychiatrist would diagnose you with ADHD, you can rest assured knowing our thorough assessment will ensure an accurate answer.

We conduct a consultation with an ECG, blood tests, a psychiatric assessment and then provide a report. Where medication is appropriate it will be prescribed, which you can then collect upstairs from our in-house pharmacy, or we can arrange for it to be delivered.

You will be carefully managed and reviewed every step of the way and we will look after you throughout your journey. The involvement of our psychiatrist will help to establish and monitor the right dose and treatment to maximise results, and provide a noticeable increase in wellbeing. Your wellbeing is our foremost priority, and throughout the process you will always be spoken to by a GP or consultant psychiatrist.

The total price of the clinic is £1,455.

Dr Balu

Lead Psychiatrist

Dr. Balu is the lead psychiatrist of our ADHD clinic. Having received substantial training in psychiatric disorders, Dr. Balu provides a gold standard of service and expert supervision. After completing an MBA at the University of Oxford, he decided to pursue his higher training in mental health, particularly focusing on mood disorders. Dr. Balu has gained remarkable experience in working with people to minimise the impact of behavioural problems on their work and family life, helping them to achieve their full potential.

We also have an MDT (Multi-disciplinary team) with significant proficiency in dealing with ADHD patients to help guide you every step of the way – our consultants, psychiatrists, GPs and pharmacists are all here to help improve the service and clinical outcomes.

Luqman Khan

Dr Luqman

General Psychiatrist

Dr. Luqman is a psychiatrist in our ADHD clinic. He qualified as a medical doctor (MBChB 1991) from the University of Manchester, originally trained as a surgeon (FRCS Edinburgh 1998) but decided to specialize in General Psychiatry and became a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych Edinburgh) in 2003.

He has a special interest in Adult ADHD and is a part of the United Kingdom Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN). He received a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training in General and Forensic Psychiatry with Endorsement in Addiction Psychiatry in 2010.

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