ADHD Clinic

Welcome to Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic’s ADHD Clinic

Our ADHD service is fully comprehensive

  • Consultation with our GP

  • Full health check: ECG, blood test

  • Psychiatric consultation and assessment

  • Medical report

  • Prescription and treatment

  • Dispensing of prescription

ADHD is a mental health disorder with a variety of consequences, such as impulse control and hyperactivity, which can lead to significant impairments at home, school and the community (Fletcher, 2001). ADHD affects the brain structure and is present from birth, though diagnosis is often delayed, misdiagnosed or missed altogether – meaning it can be diagnosed as a child or later in life as an adult. As a behavioural disorder, ADHD has debilitating and widespread impacts on all areas of life.

We are offering an inclusive and comprehensive ADHD diagnosis and treatment service, and we are proud to be the only clinic in London that guides you completely from start to finish. Included in the price is an appointment with our GP, wherein a full health check (including ECG and blood tests) will be conducted. This is followed by an assessment with our psychiatrist, who will then produce a medical report, and provide treatment and prescription where required. 

Appointments available immediately 

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Dr Balu

Dr. Balu is the lead psychiatrist of our ADHD clinic. Having received substantial training in psychiatric disorders, Dr. Balu provides a gold standard of service and expert supervision. After completing an MBA at the University of Oxford, he decided to pursue his higher training in mental health, particularly focusing on mood disorders. Dr. Balu has gained remarkable experience in working with people to minimise the impact of behavioural problems on their work and family life, helping them to achieve their full potential. 

We also have an MDT (multi-disciplinary team) with significant proficiency in dealing with ADHD patients to help guide you every step of the way – our consultants, psychiatrists, GPs and pharmacists, are all here to help improve the service and clinical outcomes.