Cancer Coaching

Who is Cancer Coaching for?

Cancer coaching is for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, recovering from cancer or those who want to reduce their risk of cancer. Cancer coaching allows you to take charge of your health by making informed decisions and work alongside conventional treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation). The treatment options should be discussed with your medical team to support a successful recovery.

What does cancer coaching provide?

  • Allows you to improve your nutrition as you are provided with a functional cancer nutrition plan after evaluating and establishing your dietary and nutritional needs.
  • Have an effective lifestyle program by designing environments to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.
  • Learn biofeedback methods to affect calm, release stress and to balance the  body for healing
  • Increase knowledge of your disease, how to minimise side effects and risk factors.
  • Gain a sense of control in your life as you take an active role in your treatment and recovery by making informed decisions.
  • Express how you are feeling in a non-judgemental, confidential and safe environment.