Laser Hair Removal

Meet our Laser Hair Removal Practitioner

Laser hair removal treatments from £49.


‘As a cosmetologist I know only too well how important it is for all of us to look and feel ones best. Our external appearance is our daily reflection and it is important that we like what we see as this can also effect how we feel about ourselves.
If we look and feel healthy we feel better. It’s that simple. And, our skin is what we see every day. Healthy looking skin especially on the face not only gives us a radiance but also gives confidence  a feel good factor and a unique look.
And, its your unique look which I can help maintain , preserve and enhance to ensure you are the best embodiment of yourself for yourself.

We all deserve healthy looking skin. We all deserve to glow on the outside as well as the inside.’

Cosmetologist Leila Yusupova

DFA  Fibre  is  innovative  latest-generation  technology  with  combined  microlenses that concentrates light generated by a multidiode into a single pulse transmitted through optical fibre to the hair bulb.

Thanks to the double-fibre multidiode combined with 810 nm, the energy that DFA Fibre produces is transferred to the hair bulb through an optical fibre, without dispersion, ensuring maximum efficiency.

DFA  Fibre rapidly reaches a frequency of  10  Hz,  allowing  very rapid  movement of the handpiece on the treatment area, which enables epilation treatment that is faster than ever before.

Laser-Hair Removal Prices

Hands (inc fingers) / Feet (inc toes) / Chin / Nipples / Navel Pubis / Peri Anal / Sideburns – £71

Upper-Lip – £49

Underarms – £89

Bikini Line / Shoulder Blades / Neck – £109

Brazilian (inc Peri Anal) / Lower or Upper Arms/ Abdomen / Upper or Lower Face – £139

Chest / Buttocks / Half Back / Hollywood (incl Peri Anal) / Bikini Line & Underarms – £159

Full Face/Lower Legs – £169

Full Arms / Full Back / Full Face & Front Neck / Hollywood & Underarms / Thighs – £199

Full Legs / Full Back & Shoulders – £219

Men’s Full Body – £659

Women’s Full Body – £609

*Prices are indicated per session/per area