Same Day & Weekend Doctors

Meet our Private GPs

GP Consultations from £135 for half hour
Weekend GP Consultations from £150 for half hour

Why ruin the week if you can see a doctor on the same day including on the weekends? Our private GPs are available up to 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays and 8pm Sundays.

We are the only clinic in central London offering this late night service so no need to wait for a Monday, to have a sleepless nights or be worried – our doctors are here to help and assist you 7 days a week.

How long is the walk-in doctor appointment?

We value everyone’s time hence why our doctors are keen to spend as long as it takes in order to ensure that they have fully investigated your medical complaint and condition. This means no hidden extra charges and no clock watching. Our average appointment lasts for 30 minutes, with some going on for even longer when necessary.

Peace at mind is what we are about and that’s why our doctors are committed to ensuring your well-being is always paramount.

What same day and weekend doctor services are available?

Our GPs are experienced family doctors with a range of added medical interests and medical specialities. Referrals can be arranged on the same day even on the weekend and we can arrange appointments with consultants at the clinic on the same day thereby insuring you don’t have to wait and suffer.

  • Sexual health
  • Travel clinic
  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Family medicine

Our doctors also provide home visits to patients who are too unwell to attend the clinic.