Dr Aliaa Arafa

Miss Aliaa Arafa
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Miss Aliaa Arafa is one of the leading and well recognized gynecologists in London. She worked in a team of world experts in obstetrics , Gynecology and infertility based in prestigious places like London’s Harley Street and Portland Hospital for Women and Children. For many years, she helped to treat, support and reassure thousands of women throughout her career.

She is well recognized to be able to utilize her wealth of experience to provide a one-stop gynecological service for women, allowing problems to be diagnosed and treated in one visit. She was trained at some of the leading Teaching hospitals in London as St Mary’s hospital, Royal free hospital and Kings College hospital, London. She has been serving NHS sector for many years when she was appointed as a Consultant and department lead in her unit where she spent her entire working life delivering the best quality of care to all women.

She has gained a reputation as one of the pre-eminent gynaecologists to provide colposcopy service and laser treatment. She is able to make an accurate and confident diagnosis for cases of cervical smear abnormalities and HPV infection. She also offers a full range of gynecological services including the management of abnormal uterine bleeding, heavy period, Fertility, Chronic Pelvic pain, STD Screening, Endometriosis, Menopause, PCOD, recurrent miscarriage, Contraception and IUCD insertion.

Miss Arafa feels strongly that it is every woman’s right to choose the type of care and support she would like to receive. Her top priority is the safety of every women. She combines professionalism with a personal touch, creating an open relationship in which every patient are kept informed every step of the way about what to expect and the choices available to them.