Dr Francesco Lo Monaco

Dr. Francesco Lo Monaco is hailed as a globally renowned Cardiologist, holding the esteemed title of London’s highest-rated Cardiologist on google.

His exceptional contributions to the field of Clinical Cardiology were recognised with the prestigious European Awards in Medicine 2022, an honor bestowed upon Specialists who have demonstrated excellence across multiple medical disciplines.

The European Awards in Medicine 2022 ceremony, which took place at the iconic Ritz Hotel in Paris, was a grand celebration of accomplished medical professionals. Dr. Lo Monaco’s remarkable achievements in Clinical Cardiology set him apart as the deserving recipient of this esteemed recognition.

With nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Francesco Lo Monaco is a highly respected Cardiologist based in London. He currently provides his expertise to patients at the Chelsea Pharmacy Clinic.

Dr. Lo Monaco’s expertise encompasses all aspects of clinical cardiology, with a particular focus on advanced cardiac imaging techniques. He adeptly diagnoses and treats a wide range of conditions, including heart failure, arrhythmias, valvular heart disease, and ischemic heart disease. His diagnostic repertoire includes essential tests such as 24-hour ECG Holter monitoring, echocardiography, dobutamine stress tests, and CT coronary angiograms.

In recognition of his exceptional skills and extensive knowledge, Dr. Lo Monaco was appointed as an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer and Undergraduate Tutor at the esteemed Imperial College London School of Medicine in 2013. This prestigious position allows him to contribute to the education and development of future medical professionals, leaving a lasting impact on the field.

Dr. Francesco Lo Monaco’s remarkable achievements, vast experience, and unwavering commitment to excellence have established him as a highly sought-after Cardiologist, trusted and admired by both patients and colleagues. His passion for advancing the field of Clinical Cardiology and his dedication to delivering exceptional patient care continue to define his impactful and inspiring career.