Dr Jeanina Mahrenholz

Dr. Jeanina Mahrenholz (MsC PSyD)

Our Consultant Psychologist, Jeanina completed her training and education in Psychology at Leiden University, Middlesex University, UOL and the Ackerman Institute. She is an experienced and licensed Counselling Psychologist and Relationship Therapist (DMCC & CDA).

She has over 14+ years of clinical experience in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.

She founded (5+ years) and managed a team of 6 counsellors, at her Wellbeing and Counselling Centre in The United Arab Emirates, which offered support to the expat community via the holistic approach of well-being and therapy.

Jeanina has developed a well received seminar, taught to corporate groups as well as the open public, based on the concept of Positive Psychology, which is available upon request for private sessions at our clinic.

She is regularly featured in Stylist, Glamour, Raemona Magazine, Mojeh, Metro UK and the National News. She recently consulted several female founders who merged wellbeing/ psychology into their fashion and beauty line. Jeanina hosted and interviewed, leaders, doctors and professionals in the wellness and health field during largest scale, women’s health’s events held in the MENA region, March 2022.


  • Anxiety Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Depression
  • Stress Reduction
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Positive Psychology
  • Well-being Consultancy
  • Coaching
Jeanina’s approach: We are all as unique and individual as our finger print. One has to be mindful and respectful of cultural context, life circumstances and sessions are tailor made to the individual.
“ It all starts with a safe space to be heard ”


Stylist Online – How to Stop Ghosting a Friend

“Often, we will shut down and ghost, simply because we don’t know how to approach a situation or we don’t have the capacity for it,”

‘If you feel distressed, distant from others, or are not comfortable attending social events, know you are not alone,”

Who What Wear – Nostalgic Beauty Products

“The amygdala part of the brain has a primary role in processing memory and emotional responses. This part of our brain has a direct link to our lymphatic system and is sensitive to scent, which in turn may result in activation of memories and sense of nostalgia. Every scent is different on a person’s skin and experienced uniquely by those around them. This has to do with memories of the specific moment or person and themselves. It can be a specific time in life, missing someone, childhood or just a very special moment,”

“The day before your first day, have an early night, put your electronics away, write down your concerns and write down five things you are most grateful for that have taken place this holiday season, and allow your body and mind to rest.”

“Friendships are one of the most important relationships one has, and are key to us feeling safe, being able to be vulnerable and trusting those around us.”

“Birthday blues is a sequence of sadness, low mood and overthinking one’s birthday and expectations of oneself and others on how to celebrate this day,”

“Once timelines and triggers are established, it’s important to counteract with positive actions and experiences,” says Dr Mahrenholz. “Take a step back from life by taking a break from your routine.”