Dr Jeanina Mahrenholz

Dr. Jeanina Mahrenholz (MsC PSyD)

Dr Jeanina is a Counselling Psychologist and completed her training and education in Psychology at Leiden University, Middlesex University and the Ackerman Institute.

She has over 14+ years of clinical experience in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and The United States.

She founded and managed her Wellbeing and Counselling Centre in The United Arab Emirates, which offered support to the expat community via the holistic approach of wellbeing.

Jeanina has developed a well received seminar with a tailor made workbook based on the concept of Positive Psychology.

She teaches guest lectures at Universities and participates in events focused on Mental Health Awareness.

She has been featured in The National and Inner-seed Magazine and contributes to Glamour (?), with expert advice on topics in Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Having recently relocated back to London, she will be joining the Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic and is available from January 2022 onwards for individual sessions.


Anxiety Management
Stress Reduction
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Relationship Dynamics

Jeanina’s approach: We are all as unique and individual as our fingerprint. One has to be mindful and respectful of cultural context, life circumstances and sessions are tailor-made to the individual.
“ It all starts with a safe space to be heard”