Dr Hana Abu-Hassan

Dr Hana Abu-Hassan MBBS, JBFM, MRCGP
Is a voluntary assistant professor in the department of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego.
She completed her family medicine residency training in the United Kingdom. Dr. Abu-Hassan has training in mental health, and works with refugees between Europe and the Middle East. She practices family medicine in the United Kingdom, and conducts research in the fields of family medicine and mental health. Dr. Abu-Hassan is currently completing her fellowship in functional medicine. Moreover, she is completing another degree in the specialty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine. She has received numerous scholarships, which includes a full scholarship from the National Institute of Health in the subject of research ethics, and is now an NIH Fellow.


“As much as possible, I try to destigmatise mental health; to create an open door or an open pathway for patients to come back and feel comfortable to talk to me again. This helps create a safe space where they can reliably express themselves.”