Jevgenia Kauts

Jevgenia Kauts

Jevgenia Kauts is an experienced Micropigmentation technician from Tallinn, Estonia. Within the last ten years, she has gained a vast amount of knowledge in cosmetic tattooing and has earned trust with her clients who come to see
her from all over the world.

Since taking her first Permanent Makeup course in 2012, Jevgenia has partook  in multiple events, congresses and festivals to learn from the best
technicians and doctors. Her passion for art and medicine helped her to find herself in the Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing industry, and she always sets higher goals to achieve.

In the near future, Jevgenia plans to add Scalp Pigmentation and Areola Tattooing to her roster to help people find their confidence once again.

In her free time, she loves to paint or draw portraits, as well as yoga and modelling. Her belief is that keeping busy and creative helps to balance everything out.