Leyla Yusupova

Leyla Yusupova is a Skin Specialist specialising in Medical peels, HIFU and laser hair removal.

As a cosmetologist, I know only too well how important it is for all of us to look and feel one’s best. Our external appearance is our daily reflection and it is important that we like what we see as this can also affect how we feel about ourselves.

If we look and feel healthy we feel better. It’s that simple. With our skin being something we see every day, healthy-looking skin especially on the face not only gives us a radiance, but also confidence and a feel-good factor.
It’s your unique look that I can help maintain, preserve and enhance to ensure you are the best embodiment of yourself for yourself.
We all deserve healthy-looking skin and to glow on the outside as well as the inside.


“Abhyanga is a type of massage done with warm oil, such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. Start with your head: apply the oil to the roots of your hair and massage the scalp, be sure to rub your ears too. Next, you can go to the hands, direct the movements to the heart. After that, apply the oil to your belly, moving clockwise; then – on your feet. Pay special attention to your elbows and knees, these areas tend to have the driest skin. Finally, massage your feet. After the massage, you need to wait 15-30 minutes for the oil to penetrate the skin and nourish it. To avoid boredom, throw a robe over your shoulders and have a cup of tea or read a book. After that, take a warm shower without soap and washcloth, so you will achieve the maximum effect. It’ll be like you’ve given yourself a spa day.”