What really is Self Care?

It’s Self Care Week and whilst we have been hearing the term ‘Self Care’ a lot more recently what does it really mean?

The official definition illustrates self care as “The actions that individuals take for themselves, on behalf of and with others in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, well being or wellness.”

List all the things you love and care for.

How long did it take before you added yourself to that list? Most people don’t.

There are 5 dimensions to self care and incorporating activities from each dimension into your life means you’ll be nourishing every aspect in your life and ultimately get better at self care.

Based on

Physical – Physical self care involves your fitness and sleeping habits. This area also includes how you manage stress, medical check ups and sexual health

Intellectual – Intellectual self care involves your personal growth, continuous pursuit for learning and education, engaging in new things, practicing mindfulness and having a positive mindset.

Social – Social self care involves having a supportive network of people you can turn to when in need of uplifting or guidance. Social connection helps create a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Spiritual – Spiritual self care involves the beliefs and values that help guide your life.

Emotional – Emotional self care involves awareness of your feelings and emotions, dealing with stress positively and cultivating a sense of compassion, kindness and love for ourselves and others.

To start the week well,  here are 9 ways to practice self care

  1. Take a long bath/hot shower
  2. Get a good workout
  3. Take a much needed nap
  4. Read a new book/Watch a documentary
  5. Write down your current feelings and thoughts
  6. Listen to calming music
  7. Catch up with some friends/loved ones
  8. Buy yourself a treat
  9. Rearrange your safe space eg. your bedroom

These are tips which may help to calm and improve your mood, however sometimes professional steps need to be taken. To book an appointment with a GP or one of our specialists click here or call us on 0207 838 6180