Healthy, Chelsea & Wise: My experience with Osteopath Miss Holly Siddall

Hello lovely Healthy, Chelsea & Wise readers! My name is Christabel Milbanke and I am a local journalist, mother of one and spokesperson for CP Medical Clinic.

It has been a little while since I have written, and for that I truly apologise. In March I was away, yet again, cruising the Canary Islands aboard a luxury mega yacht. For which I of course booked in a session at the Travel Clinic at CP Medical Clinic on Sloane Avenue to make sure I had all the right sea-sickness medication I needed.

This April I visited The Gainsborough Spa in Bath. England’s only hotel which harnesses the natural power of thermal waters. Boasting a direct pipe into Bath’s natural spring, the water rises from the ground complete with a bounty of properties and natural minerals at an incredible 45 degree temperature.

Osteopathy at CP Medical Clinic

holy siddallEarlier this year I saw professional Osteopath: Holly Siddall, for my postural problems. A bright natured and lovely young lady, Holly’s interest in Osteopathy began in her childhood, when she enjoyed cracking the back of her stepfather – a tennis coach – and his friends during matches. Holly now works at both Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic and The Hurlingham Club, a private member’s club in Fulham. Therefore I trusted that, booking an appointment in with her, I would be in safe hands.

So one evening after work I popped into CP Medical Clinic on Sloane Avenue for my appointment with Holly, to see if she could help my chronic bad posture, and resulting tense shoulders and neck, which I am desperate to address.

Firstly Holly conducted a short consultation where she asked me about me about the location of any pain, when my posture became a problem, whether I grind my teeth at night and if I had any conditions. She then assessed my posture by observing my stance, pressing into the muscles in my back and directing me to perform various poses and movements. Holly concluded that my upper thoraxic does not work as hard as it could, and therefore my muscles were actually knitting together creating fibrotic adhesions…

Fibrotic Adhesions

Commonly known as ‘knots’, in order to save energy when adopting a certain stance for a long period of time, the muscles knit together becoming more fibrotic. This certainly rang true with me, as I am writer I often find myself slumped in front of the computer for hours.

Holly explained that the way to combat these adhesions is to trick the muscles into thinking that they aren’t going to be in that position for an extended period of time. This can be achieved by taking regular breaks, moving the muscles in all directions and performing targeted exercises to jumpstart the body into moving freely.

Holly then performed a number of expert physical procedures to my back which involved applying pressure to the muscles in question and my spine to encourage movement and remove tension. A few clicks and adjustments later, I immediately felt an improvement in my posture, and a lightness in being which was a great confidence boost.

I left CP Medical Clinic with my back as straight as an arrow and my head held high, armed with exercises tailored to my personal postural problems. Some months later, I am still carrying out the exercises and feeling the difference.

Posture can be improved by using physical exercise, breathing and regular breaks from the desk. Maintaining it long term can be difficult, which is where Holly comes in. She effectively woke up my body, disentangled all my knitted muscles and sent me off with the tools to tackle the problem myself.

For many weeks after the treatment I proudly held my new and improved posture, but after some months have started to notice a slow return to the slump. However I am impressed to recognise that a vast improvement to my posture still remains, and this has helped me be more successful and effective in my business and social life.

Posture isn’t something that can be improved overnight, but with enough regular visits to Holly, I’m sure it is something that can be corrected for good with her help.

Holly specialises in: Headaches, Upper Back & Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow & Hand Pain, Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain, Low back Pain & Sciatica, Arthritic Pain, Sports Injury, Postural Advice & Correction, Generalised Aches & Pains

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Christabel Milbanke is a journalist based in Chelsea, London
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