Introducing The Joint Injection Clinic

The Joint Injection Clinic – A brand new injection service in the heart of Chelsea!

Musculoskeletal conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, wrist tendonitis and frozen shoulder
can cause significant pain, disability and interfere with daily activities and rest at night.

Injections can offer an individual a rapid means of managing joint and musculoskeletal pain,
facilitate rehabilitation and in some circumstances treat the condition effectively.

What’s the goal of our Joint Injection Clinic?

We aim to provide an affordable, rapid-access, doctor-led, ultrasound-guided injection service
for musculoskeletal conditions, alongside a holistic pain management approach.

Dr James Thing giving a patient an ultrasound
The Joint Injection Clinic is led by Dr James Thing

What treatments are offered at the Joint Injection Clinic?

Platelet rich-Plasma

PRP is a novel technique that utilises a patient’s own blood. A small sample of blood is taken
from an arm vein and centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich layer from the red blood cell
layer. The platelet-rich part, containing concentrated growth factors is then injected, under
ultrasound-guidance to the specific anatomical site. There is mounting evidence to support
the use of PRP injection for mild-moderate knee arthritis.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are used to reduce inflammation and the pain associated with it. They have
widespread use in the treatment of osteoarthritis but have limitations and recent evidence has
resulted in clinicians using steroids more cautiously for certain conditions, i.e. tennis
elbow/plantar fasciitis. Steroid injections can be helpful as a temporising measure to reduce pain
in order to facilitate rehabilitation but can also effectively treat certain issues such as
frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis) and wrist tendon sheath inflammation (De Quervain’s


Prolotherapy involves the use of concentrated glucose, usually diluted with local anaesthetic,
which acts as an irritant solution. This solution creates a local inflammatory response and can
be used to treat ligament laxity and can help to stabilise joints. It can also be used to treat
conditions such as ‘tennis elbow’.

High Volume Injection (HVI)

A High Volume Injection can be used to treat tendinitis/ tendinopathy of the large lower limb
tendons (Patellar and Achilles). The procedure involves infiltration of fluid into the interface
between the tendon (Achilles or Patellar tendon) and the adjacent fat pad. This is thought to
disrupt the ingrowth of blood vessels/nerves seen in tendinopathy and therefore have an
effect on pain and local sensitivity.

Hyaluronic acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance similar to synovial fluid, which occurs naturally in joints
and acts to lubricate and protect against shock and stress. HA is commonly used for
conditions such as knee and hip arthritis, in order to reduce pain, improve function and
facilitate rehabilitation.


Hydrodilatation refers to a procedure where a relatively large volume of fluid is injected into
a joint, as a way of mechanically stretching the tissue to improve the range of movement.
This procedure is used almost exclusively for the marked restriction seen with frozen
shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and can be an effective way of allowing the patient to regain
range of movement while also significantly reducing pain.

How to get an appointment at the Joint Injection Clinic?

Click here to request an appointment or call us on 0207 838 6180 or email us on Please note most appointments booked for The Joint Injection
Clinic are by referral only.

We look forward to treating you!

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  • Simon Goldberg
    February 16, 2023 9:33 pm

    Hello this is Simon Goldberg an existing patient of Dr Thing referred by Richard Misselbrook. I would like to see him again for my knee pain but also want cortisone for trigger finger in my left hand middle finger. Please contact me so that I can make an appointment.


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