Global Rejuvenation and Artificial Beautification

Global Rejuvenation – Where is this taking us ?

The new word in the world of the aesthetic industry; Global Rejuvenation! This captures a multi factorial approach, not just having Botox injected to iron out wrinkles. That is so much yesterday’s news and old school. A great medical practitioner understands how to redress skin health, fat migration, hypertrophic muscles, skeletal changes that happen over time, fast or slow, due to genetics and life style and knows how to reverse these changes with skill, artistry and scientific conscience.It is not wrong to want to improve one’s looks, health, finances or personal growth. What matters is how it’s done! Surely, an intelligent approach applied with integrity and artistic sensitivity which in turn serves an outcome for the better in terms of beautification and health.Body wise, the holistic and overall healthy approach is to live on a healthy and super charged nutritional diet, teamed with surplus amounts of exercise, toning muscles aerobically and volumetric in order to achieve a healthy sculpted and toned body. An approach with obvious benefits.

And so it is for the face!

In Facial Aesthetics, this organic approach is becoming more and more intelligent and attractive as we gain a better understanding of how the various aesthetic applications can change the face’s structural and dynamic makeup!

A few years ago, we would supercharge our faces with Botox and fillers in the quest for eternal youth and have surgical enhancements. The challenge today is to apply science with clever crafting, in a subtle and health enhancing way and the future for today’s youngsters will be forever youthful in an organic way.

Botox challenges muscle contraction and shifts the dynamic output towards a better overall picture, whilst carefully selected fillers will sculpt and enhance the geographical optimum. Intelligently applied medical skincare, will over time not only produce anti-ageing effects but if applied more aggressively, turn diseased skin into healthier and more youthful looks. If applied with scientific insight, on a continuous day to day basis, it can truly create remarkable results.Yet to be scientifically proven but in my own experience, it can even reverse certain skin cancers and scar tissues or at least work on a cellular level to enhance health.

Light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation ( laser) is a powerful tool, which can equally assist in skin corrections as can PRP and Mesotherapy. The list is endless and so is the money thrown after it.

It is clear that this industry is about to, or has already gone exponential and it is scary to imagine what kind of faces and bodies we will end up with in years to come, if not careful.
It serves an underlying emotional craving and a global hard wired financial impulse which is a hard act to balance with ethical and integral outcome versus a joint greed for short term benefits.

It is therefore important to take a holistic and critical position, when applying new procedures. This requires real scientific insight teamed with artistic hand craft and an overall sense of anatomical integrity.

Global Rejuvenation – Written by Dr Mette Norup


Dentist BDS | Medical Laser Diploma | Danish Dental association | General Dental Council | Association for facial aesthetics AFA | Psychology Dip | Full indemnity insurance.


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