CPMedicalClinic “Keeping you healthy, Chelsea and wise”

Healthy, Chelsea & Wise aims to be THE online guide to healthy-living in the Royal Borough, published by Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic “Keeping you healthy, Chelsea and wise”.


I am pleased to announce that the lovely folks at CP Medical Clinic have invited me to launch this brand new blog for them, Healthy, Chelsea & Wise! Where I will be writing about all things Healthy living , and Lifestyle in the Royal Borough!

It’s a real honour to be asked to write such an important blog for CP Medical Clinic. As a loyal client of theirs since their launch almost a year ago, I have found their supportive services indispensible for my family and I. The GPs at CP Medical Clinic are frankly dedicated doctors, who give you the old-fashioned experience of real unrushed care and are able to make quick and easy referrals and you can pick up prescriptions instantly at the pharmacy upstairs.


In addition to their walk-in clinic, they also happen to offer an extremely wide range of medical, nutritional and aesthetic services that can seriously amp up your healthy living and lifestyle in a first-rate and time efficient way. The clinic boasts an in-house Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Paediatrician, Podiatrist, Pain Specialist, Hand & Wrist Specialist, Hip & Knee Specialist, and Osteopathy services.  I look forward to interviewing these characterful clinicians and practitioners, who are incidentally the best in town, and writing about what they do and the services they provide – in due course.


As a highly ambitious journalist and creative individual I always have a plethora of projects and passions on the go. I simply love saying yes to new opportunities and seeing where these bright new avenues take me! But all that enthusiasm and lust for life comes at a cost, and I have found that forging a healthy balance between your work, family and social lives is simply impossible if you overlook the eternally essential and increasingly scarce necessities: Time and Energy.


Now that my elegantly-reckless and responsibility-free days are behind me, health has emerged as a major priority. I view my health as the foundation on which you may lay the building blocks of your dream life upon; the canvas for your masterpiece if you will. In poor health even the highest fliers are forced to return to ground-level. Therefore one must step wisely, confident of footing and conscious that one’s Mind and Body are well maintained and fully prepared to keep up with all the challenges of the modern-day.


I can’t emphasise enough, the truly tangible relief found in the knowledge that a modern, clean and comfortable clinic complete with the most well-trained and caring doctors is always waiting for me on Sloane Avenue. I can confidently walk into CP Medical Clinic any time without even having booked an appointment!


Sometimes it’s not a matter of urgency, but just something I’ve noticed that becomes a niggling worry, threatening to disturb the flow of my day. If I’m being honest, I just don’t have the patience waste time in a doctor’s waiting room. Nor do I have the flexibility to take time off work (which can also prove costly).  On the other hand I’d rather not torture myself manically typing symptoms into my phone! That’s when CP Medical Clinic comes to the rescue!


CP Medical Clinic is first and foremostly a family business, the doctors and staff are there because they care, and because they want to build real relationships with other families and members of the local community, and beyond. That means something, especially when you yourself have a family and an urgent medical matter comes your way. Let’s face it, life’s a journey with ups and downs and nobody knows what’s round the corner. Life is a luxury, but health is essential.  That said, it helps to have a loyal aide and premium service at your side every step of the way.


In this new blog I will be reporting on the most exclusive treatments, services and supplements that are offered at CP Medical Clinic with scientific/medical commentary from the top professionals in their field affiliated with with CP. Keeping you abreast and putting to the test, some of many health trends out there! My aim is to help you look and feel your best self, whatever your lifestyle; keeping you Healthy, Chelsea & Wise!


Please subscribe to this blog and share with conscientious friends and family.


Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 6.42.43 pmChristabel Milbanke is a 26-year-old journalist who lives in Chelsea with her 18 month old son Thomas.

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