Healthy, Chelsea & Wise post 2: Mindful eating in 2017!

Healthy, Chelsea & Wise post 2

Happy New Year and welcome to my second Healthy, Chelsea & Wise blog post! I’m a journalist based in Chelsea, mother of one and spokesperson for CP Medical Clinic.

Since my last post I have exceedingly busy, travelling a lot for work visiting: Estonia, Latvia and Salamanca in Northern Spain. This January I am going skiing in Val D’Isere and on safari in South Africa! Since I find air travel hugely taxing on one’s health and appearance I will be listing my Top In-Flight & Travel Essentials which will help you feel and look your best when you finally leave the airport.  All products are available to purchase at Chelsea Pharmacy on Sloane Avenue.

Last year’s Moleskine agenda was packed with many events in London over the holidays and awards season. I even ended up on stage myself hosting the World Boutique Hotel Awards! As many take time in January to recover from the over indulgence of alcohol, sugar and meat products consumed at the office parties, Christmas dinners and New Year’s bashes of the season, some of us may be contemplating a change to our health habits…

I consulted CP Medical Clinic’s expert in-house nutritonist Tautville Sliazaite for a few tips on how to incorporate mindfulness into your diet this New Year: ‘First and for all remember the principles of mindful eating – every bite you take, needs to count. Don’t eat when you are distracted by the errands you are running or TV. Your brain needs to get the signal that you are eating – chewing, smelling and having breaks between bites is a great way to focus on mindful eating.

Focus on portion sizes. Instead of avoiding your most favourite food (it might be that it is not the healthiest option), try to have a small portion of that food, to satisfy your craving. It seems when we restrict ourselves, it can lead to overeating, because it doesn’t matter how much healthy food we have we would still crave that one bit on the table which ticks our box.

Include protein with every meal you eat. It reduces your appetite and keep you full for longer. Good sources of protein would be poultry, fish, beans and some vegetables, like broccoli, avocado, spinach.’ Thank to the wonderful Tautville for these wise words, I look forward to catching up with her soon to create my own personal nutrition plan.

That’s all for now! Readers can look forward to my upcoming post on how Holly Siddall, CP Medical Clinic’s very own private Osteopath helped fix my stiff back and chronic bad posture! Until then wrap up warm, practise mindful eating and keep yourself ever Healthy, Chelsea and Wise!


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