ANTI-AGING BITES By Natalia Otero Sancho

By Natalia Otero Sancho

I have always been very keen on MUSHROOMS as a nutrient and nutraceutical. They are one of my favourite foods and tools in my daily practice because of their numerous health benefits 🍄  Since I am becoming “less young” 🥴 I appreciate them more because of their high amounts of ANTI-AGING/ANTI-OXIDATIVE compounds content (ergothioneine & glutathione/master antioxidant) which help fight aging and its associated diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s…) 🧑‍🔬According to Penn State University research these compounds DO NOT DECREASE when the mushrooms are cooked‼️and BOTH of them are unusually high amounts in MUSHROOMS 🍄 Little advice: Always go for ORGANIC as they are like sponges – best detoxifiers in our bodies but also best sponges absorbing pesticides and other pollutants, and cook them well to break down their fiber.

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