Why you should visit our doctors (Even if you feel well)

We get it – taking a day off and going to see the doctor is probably the last thing you want to do now

but it is really important to do it every couple of months. Some people are fairly conscientious about

making regular appointments to visit their doctor, although most people aren’t quite that regular, and

find it very easy to procrastinate until years end up passing. No one likes to hear bad news, especially

when it comes to their health, but the consequences of not seeing your doctor regularly can sometimes

be quite severe.

Here are some of the reasons why you should book your doctor’s appointment sooner rather than later:

1. It helps you to establish a good relationship with your doctor

If you never see a doctor, you can’t ever have a relationship with one. On the other hand, having a

regular physician means having someone who knows the intricacies of your medical history and who

will work with you to shape your healthy present and future.

2. It helps to keep your mind & body in check

By monitoring basic vital signs, a routine doctor’s visit can be like a system of checks and balances

for your body. we aren’t always great at noticing the symptoms ourselves. But having a routine mental

health screening by your physician can help identify warning signs – before they go from bad to


3. It gives you peace of mind

When we have health questions and concerns, it’s easy to feel stressed and being confused. Even

though the Internet can be a wonderful health resource, reading about your health issues online can

often lead to unnecessary worry and fear. Everyone is different and unique and we all deserve a

personalized evaluation. So instead of searching on the internet for a generic, or even worse, incorrect

answer – simply talk to a doctor in person to get the full picture.

4. Prevention

Health protection and prevention is the key to staying healthy for the long haul. From simple blood

tests and vaccines now to mammograms and colonoscopies later, your doctor can help you become

the healthiest version of you.

The timing of how often you need to see a doctor can vary. The final question during every doctor’s

visit should be when to come back. It’s important to make a schedule, but not to forget to pay attention

to other changes in your body, family history, life circumstances and environment that may change

when you should go back.

To book an appointment please contact us on📞 0207 838 6180

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