Healthy, Chelsea & Wise: Top In-flight and Travel Essentials!

Hello lovely Healthy, Chelsea and Wise readers! My name is Christabel Milbanke and I am a local journalist, mother of one and spokesperson for CP Medical Clinic.

As a passionate Travel Writer, I will be doing a lot of travelling this January: going skiing in Val D’Isere and on safari in South Africa! As well as frequently attending the Travel Clinic at CP Medical Clinic on Sloane Avenue to make sure my vaccinations, immunisations, and anti-malarials are up to date. Prior to travelling I make sure I am fully stocked in the following products which I find utterly essential to making my in-flight experience is as luxurious as possible.

Top In-Flight and Travel Essentials!

Avene Thermale Spring Water

avene_thermalspringwater_1.76oz_900x900_1I absolutely love this refreshing water spray which uses the power of pure water to instantly hydrate your skin and relax your face. I like to close my eyes and imagine I’m already on the beach hearing the waves crash and feeling the sea spray.

A highly soothing anti-irritant, I believe Avene Thermale Spring Water to be vital on flights where dryness and airborne bacteria can cause the skin to be irritated or break out in rashes or spots. As moisture is key to not getting wrinkles, this can also be popped into your handbag for an everyday refresher and beauty SOS. It is a celebrity favourite and Sophie Dahl is a big fan.  It is available in two sizes from Chelsea Pharmacy, with a mini spray perfect for your carry-on bag.



Klorane Oatmilk Dry Shampoo

829307_xlargeKlorane dry shampoo is simply a lifesaver for sprucing up your hair when the rush to the airport has left your ‘do sweaty, lank and flat. Effectively absorbing dirt and greasiness and leaving behind a pleasant fresh scent, the instant effect of this is amazing! It not only looks like you have washed your hair, but it takes on a unique volume and soft texture that is hard to recreate without it. Enriched with extract of oat milk that moisturises, softens and protects your hair, you can be safe in the knowledge that your hair is being nourished and not punished!

Of course it is hypoallergenic and paraben-free, and this is very important. In a future Healthy, Chelsea & Wise post I will be explaining all about the dangers of many shampoo and conditioner brands that contain cancer causing chemicals, and highlighting the hair products that are naturally safe.

Like the Avene water spray, this is available in two sizes, 150 ml and the mini 50ml carry-on luggage size. The mini is perfect for busy bees like me to chuck in the handbag, and is my top everyday dry shampoo recommendation, far out performing other popular brands such as Baptiste. Best of all, you can pick it up from Chelsea Pharmacy on Sloane Avenue now!


Tissue Masks!!!

Slider_1_-_How_To_Execute_The_In-Flight_MaskThis is my absolute number 1 travel tip! During my travels I have been known to apply these wet tissue masks on planes, trains and automobiles! Any strange stares you may receive are wonderfully worth it for the super- hydrated healthy glow you achieve. Stepping off the plane with plump and beautiful skin, you will be the envy of all the other passengers. Tissue masks are the latest Asian beauty treatment that has made its way over here, picking up many celebrity endorsements: model Chrissy Teigan is pictured wearing her tissue-mask in-flight with zero shame.

They are great ahead of last-minute events too, if you haven’t got the time to have one of the amazing facials at CP Medical Clinic that is. Nothing can compare to the benefits of the unique facial treatments that CP Medical Clinic have to offer, utilising exclusive cutting-edge technology imported straight from the USA. But in order to cheat your way to perfect skin off a long-haul flight this is my best tip. Chelsea Pharmacy stock a great range of tissue masks targeted at different skin types

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm


Don’t forget your lip balm! Lip dryness is such a common side effect of flying. Make sure you don’t end up with sore cracked lips on your travels and reapply every hour.








Optrex Actimist Eye Spray

This eye spray is absolutely fantastrp_1269-2ic, as a contact lens wearer my eyes can get quite dry and sore especially on flights. Spray on closed eyes for instant relief. As well as stabilising the eye’s lipid layer the solution also moisturises the skin around your eye area with Vitamin B12. This spray is also vital if you, like me, regularly sit in front of a computer screen or go on late nights out wearing your lenses. The Optrex Actimist spray comes in a 10ml bottle perfect for flights and like all the other essentials is available to purchase at Chelsea Pharmacy on Sloane Avenue






Prescription only Melatonin is great for combatting jet-lag, helping you to ‘reset’ your sleep cycle and reduce the symptoms of jet-lag. Drop by the Travel Clinic at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic and one of the GPs would be happy to advise you according to your current health, flight times and the time-zone of your destination.

Decongestant Tablets 

I always make sure I have a supply of decongestant tables, especially on long-haul flights, to prevent any pain in the temples and sinuses associated with the fluctuating air pressure. I used to suffer extreme pain on descent which would completely ruin my journey, resulting in me entering a new country stressed and disoriented. Not good. Decongestants a fabulous way of combatting that.

Stress Relief tablets and Arnica

If you are a nervous flier, you may consider taking some natural stress relief tablets or the natural internal healing Arnica which can help your body and mind deal with shock. For serial nervous fliers I recommend taking Arnica daily for a couple of weeks before your flight in preparation. The staff at Chelsea Pharmacy on Sloane Avenue are always on hand to offer recommendations ahead of flights.

For more advice, vaccinations, immunisations and anti-malarials don’t forget to drop by the Travel Clinic at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic, open 7 days a week until late!

Follow Christabel on her travels Instagram: the_london_journalist


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