How To Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to dig out those strappy sandals and thong flip flops from the back of your wardrobe. Or is it? Our podiatrist Miss Alaa Razak is here to provide you with all the knowledge on how best to look after your feet during Summer.

What is the best footwear to support your feet during summer?

Alaa Razak says ‘absolutely’ to a pair of laced-up trainers because of the support it gives to our feet. But when it comes to flip-flops and flat shoes, the podiatrist says to never go there, as they don’t provide enough arch support to the feet. 

While slide-in slippers receive a firm ‘nope’ from Alaa, the podiatrist tells us to find alternatives with a supportive strap at the top of the foot and around the ankle and heel. 

So what about that pair of wedges you only bring out a couple of times a year? Although heels can make our legs look fantastic, they actually tip us forward and change the foot’s natural position in relation to the ankle. This sets off a chain reaction that can lead to chronic knee, hip or back pain. But, don’t fear! The podiatrist says we can get our heels out for special occasions. Yes!

“Health is important but so is inner and outer confidence,” says Alaa, who also tells us to seek advice from professionals if wearing heels has ever caused long-term discomfort. 

Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

Socks and tights during the summer months

Even though it’s summer, we are still in the UK so we can always expect some chilly days. Alaa says that as long as your tights or socks aren’t restrictive and tight around your ankles, you’re good to go. 

Always keep feet clean and dry

Planning a trip to the pool or to dip your feet in the big blue sea? Alaa advises that we make sure our feet are clean and dry. You must dry in between the toes regularly, especially after showering or a summer swim. 

Make sure that you stretch daily

Alaa advises preventing daily strains and injuries to the feet – daily stretching and strengthening exercises of the legs, foot and ankle muscles can help with this.

Check your feet regularly

“Every day,” says Alaa Razak. “Use a mirror to check the bottom of your feet.” The podiatrist says when you find red flags such as redness, swelling, pain, and broken skin, seek advice from a podiatrist immediately. 

Moisturising is a must

Your feet deserve to be soft as well. When moisturising, Alaa Razak says to use a foot cream as the skin of our feet is different to the skin on the rest of the body. 

Use a Pumice stone or foot file

These tools are a great way to remove dead skin, but be diligent. “Use pumice and foot files gently,” says Alaa Razak. “To prevent hard skin and callus, regularly file your feet and apply a foot cream.” 

Looking after your toenails is a summer necessity

To trim your toenails, Alaa Razak says to always trim your nails and file straight across. Do not curve when nail cutting and never cut the sides of your toenails. If you ever get an ingrown toenail, a 10-minute salt-water bath will help reduce any swelling from it. 

The takeaway

“Prevention is better than cure,” says Alaa. All these tips and tricks are here to maintain the overall health of your feet and ensure you avoid foot-focused conditions, not only in summer but all year round. 

Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

Our podiatrist, Miss Alaa Razak has a decade’s worth of experience in the field of Podiatry and has spent seven years in Private Practice working in Central London. Alaa has also spent time working in various hospitals and trusts around London. Her dedication in the field of Podiatry can be seen in active involvement in lecturing, training and teaching fellow podiatrists and medical professionals. She is currently completing her doctorate studies in Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal medicine. 


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