How to Register your PCR Test 

So, you have finished your covid test at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic, and now you must register your Salient Bio  test in order to receive the results for your travel or Government-mandated test. Luckily for you, registering your test is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

How to register your Covid-19 PCR Test

1. Visit 

2. Select “Register Your Test” and then select “PCR Swab Test”

3. Select the test that you need. This will either be “General Test” or “Day 2, 5, 8”. Please note: Travel tests fall under the general category.


4. Input your details, plus the barcode provided to you by our doctor or receptionist. Please note: It is handy to have your Passenger Locator Form to hand as the form will ask you questions such as “flight number” or “passport number”



5. If you plan to travel and/or use our testing service regularly, you should create an account with the lab as your essential details will be saved.

6. Click “Register My Barcode” if there are any issues, this will be highlighted in red.


7. Once your barcode is registered, sit back and wait. If you requested a same-day test, you will receive the results before midnight that day, if not, you will receive the results before midnight the next day. 

Remember, if you do not register your PCR test, you will not receive your results.

If you continue to have issues registering your test: Call us on 02078386180 or email us on

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