Introducing the Chelsea Cannabis Clinic

Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic is delighted to introduce the Chelsea Cannabis Clinic. 

We are dedicated to providing patients with access to prescribed Medical Cannabis in the areas of chronic pain and psychiatry. 

Chelsea Cannabis Clinic is the only clinic in Chelsea to be introducing this highly sought after specialised medical service. CCC will be prescribing for pain, neurological and psychiatric disorders. 

Medical Cannabis is an individualised therapy, it is available for patients who have tried and failed previous treatment conditions. 

Medical Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant and at Chelsea Cannabis Clinic we use full-spectrum extracts, available as oils and flowers. This differs from CBD which is available over the counter, which is regulated as a food supplement and not as medicine. The two main phytocannabinoids we often refer to are CBD and THC. Medical Cannabis contains CBD and THC in varying ratios, your doctor will decide which ratio is best for you depending on your presenting condition, individual symptoms and medical history. 

There is a range of Medical Cannabis products available in the UK, here at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic we exclusively prescribe Althea medical cannabis products. We have both Medical Cannabis oils and Medical Cannabis dried flowers available. 

Oils are taken orally via an oral syringe, your doctor will decide about your dose according to your individual symptoms and condition. Medical Cannabis flowers may be suitable for symptoms which have a quicker onset, for example: breakthrough pain. Medical Cannabis flower is only prescribed for vaping, through an MHRA approved vape machine. 

Chelsea Cannabis Clinic
Introducing Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Balu Pitchiah and Consultant Pain Specialist, Dr Sally Ghazaleh

Your doctor will be able to discuss with you the best treatment options to support your individual needs. 

Here at Chelsea Cannabis Clinic we specialise in treating: 

– Chronic Pain 

– Psychiatric Conditions 

Upon consultation with your specialist, Medical Cannabis may be considered as an option to support your pain management, which may be due to: 

– Musculoskeletal pain e.g Rheumatoid Arthritis 

– Neuropathic Pain 

– Fibromyalgia 

– Multiple Sclerosis spasticity and pain 

– Cancer-related pain

There may be a number of psychiatric conditions where Medical Cannabis could be of benefit to help your symptoms. These may include: 

– Treatment-resistant anxiety 

– Post-traumatic stress disorder 

– Insomnia 


Medical Cannabis is currently an unlicensed medicine in the UK. Typically, patients will have already failed to obtain benefits or experienced intolerable side effects from their previous medication. Your doctor will explain this to you in more detail at your first appointment and determine whether you are eligible for treatment with Medical Cannabis. 

If you would like to be considered for Medical Cannabis, book an initial consultation now with one of our GP’s at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic or call us on: 0207 838 6180.

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