Practical tips for looking after mental health during lockdown

It’s completely normal not to feel normal at this difficult stage of the pandemic, but
there is much you can do to help manage your wellbeing!

1. Stay connected with others
Staying connected to people doesn’t just give you something to occupy your time
during the long evenings, but can make a positive impact on your wellbeing. If even
the thought of setting up yet another video call is exhausting, remember that
exchanging text messages or voice notes with people who are close to you can
make a big difference.

2. Carry on doing things that you enjoy
Painting, reading, or even setting a TV or film challenge with a friend (such as
watching five films on a certain theme, or by a certain director, or featuring a certain
actor) can introduce you to new ways of having fun that you’ve never experienced
before. There’s no harm in giving it a go.

3. Keep talking
Talking about your feelings with other people is important to maintain a healthy
mental state. Make time to talk with friends and family on whatever platform you’re
comfortable with – for example, phone or Zoom.

4. Consume news wisely
Set times in the day/week to read updates and make sure you’re using trust-worthy

5. Exercise and stay hydrated
Try exercising for ten minutes a day with an online workout or going for a walk or
run. Eating healthily and drinking plenty of water will make you feel energised and
refreshed, but allow yourself to have a treat too.

6. Get some fresh air
Getting out into the world for a nice walk or run will do wonders for your mental and
physical health.

7. Take time to relax
Balance the time between work, rest and doing something you enjoy. Take a warm
shower or bath, watch a film, read a book. Do something that you take comfort in
and let your body relax whilst doing so.

8. Look forward
Make plans in your head, even if you can’t book them. Think of the first people you
want to see when you can, the first restaurant you want to go to, the first weekend
trip you’d like to take, or other things that you feel excited about.
Better days are coming and they are getting closer!

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