Private GP Appointment in London

We are all quite familiar with the doctor who abruptly ends the consultation because he has run out of time, but imagine a consultation without this time constraint; a 30 minute opportunity for you to talk and the doctor to listen! This is what you get when you book a private GP appointment with us.

Health and disease are both a complex interplay of biological, social and psychiatric elements; to truly know my patient and know these elements, I need to give my patient my time and more of it.

And this is what we do at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic; not only to treat disease but to optimise your health.

As a general practitioner, I’m truly privileged to have the opportunity to really get to know my patient, to have the time to build a rapport and be privy to all the elements impacting on my patients & presentation. Not simply for the sake of being inquisitive but to address all the other factors that could easily be neglected in 10 minutes.

A good physician treats the disease, a great physician treats the patient who has the disease

In a 30 minute consultation I’d be able to explore the real reasons that you dislike taking your medication, not to berate you for it, but to move on to offer another acceptable alternative, to explain the benefits of the medication and the evidence for their use, to openly discuss the pro’s and con’s that you might be debating yourself.

The 30 minute private GP appointment allows a more thorough assessment of your blood results, rather than simply saying that your iron is normal because it is within the lab reference range, I’d look at optimising your level to a health beneficial level.

Perhaps we would explore the need for an iron transfusion. Other health optimising services could be explored, such as a Vitamin C drip to boost your immune system or a NAD drip to battle fatigue. Perhaps a more simple intervention is needed with a change to your nutrition; we could seek expertise from our functional medicine and nutritionists to optimise your diet.

Private GP Appointment and Consultation

The benefits of a 30 minute private GP appointment allow a truly holistic approach to addressing your health concerns and optimising your health.

By Dr Almas Malik MBChB nMRCGP.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate and get in touch with one of our doctors now.

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