The importance of regular podiatrist appointments

The feet support the entire body – therefore foot health has a large impact on one’s overall health.
Whether you have difficulties with your feet or not, it is a good idea to book a podiatry appointment!

A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine who diagnoses and treats conditions of the foot, ankle,
and related structures of the leg.

What do podiatrists do?

Whilst a podiatrist is great for treating problems with your feet, it is also worth making an
appointment for a general check-up, just as you would with an optician or a dentist. Even if your feet
are in good condition, a podiatrist can check your blood circulation, look at the way you walk and
pick up any minor (or major!) problems. Our podiatrist will be able to check your shoes and make
sure you’re looking after your feet properly.

Experienced Podiatrist at the Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic

Our podiatrist – Alaa Razak has ten years of experience in the field of Podiatry and has spent seven
years in the Private Practice in Central London. Alaa has also spent time working in various hospitals
and trusts around London and is currently also working in University Hospital Lewisham. Her
dedication in the field of Podiatry can be seen in her active involvement in lecturing, training and
teaching fellow podiatrists and medical professionals. Finally, she is completing her doctorate studies
in Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal medicine.

When should you see a podiatrist?

You should see a podiatrist when you have:

● Foot pain
● Thick or discoloured toenails
● Cracks or cuts in your skin
● Growths like warts
● Scaling on peeling on your soles

Click here to book a podiatry appointment or call 0207 838 6180 to speak to a member of our team. We look forward to treating you!

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