Signs You May Have an Iron Deficiency

Iron is a mineral that plays a vital role in health and well-being. Without it, many bodily functions would malfunction.

The signs of an iron deficiency might be hard to spot at first, as they are very similar to other disorders. Nonetheless, a combination of the below symptoms might mean it is time for you to see a doctor.

  1. Are you always tired? – Fatigue is one of the top signs of an iron deficiency. If your fatigue comes with a side of feeling irritable, weak, or unable to focus, it could mean you are lacking in iron.
  2. Pale Skin – Due to a lack of iron, you have a decreased amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. This can cause your skin to lose its colour.
  3. Breathing issues and headaches – Low levels of haemoglobin prevent adequate oxygen from reaching the brain. Blood vessels swell, blood pressure drops, and it can result in headaches, neurological issues, and vertigo.
  4. Dry & damaged skin and hair – When skin and hair are deprived of oxygen, they may become dry and weak.
  5. Swollen tongue – Changes to your tongue, including soreness or swelling, can be a sign of iron deficiency. Cracks on the side of the mouth are also common among people with iron deficiency.

Iron Deficiency

If you notice any of these symptoms and find it challenging to manage your concerns, get advice and professional help from our doctors.

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