When should I see a Podiatrist?

Our feet are a critically important part of your overall health and happiness.
While most people understand that podiatrists are foot doctors, many people still may not comprehend
a podiatrist’s work and the various conditions a podiatrist treats. Various foot problems that many
people experience and that a podiatrist can treat include plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, bunions,
hammertoes, and flat feet. Keep reading to learn about some other foot and toe related issues that you
would see a podiatrist for.

Skin and toenail problems of the feet

There are times when managing your own foot care can be challenging. In certain situations, nails
grow thicker, skin becomes harder, and feet can become more difficult to reach therefore affecting
your ability to manage your own feet. A Podiatrist is well equipped to diagnose and manage skin and
nail conditions of the foot.

Aching legs and feet

Tired or fatigued feet and legs often present after a long period of walking and or standing. It can be
related to poor footwear choices and changes in foot posture such as high or low foot arches.

Changes in foot structure or bone deformities

Changes in the bone structures in the feet are often due to a mechanical dysfunction causing a gradual
shift in the bone alignment causing a protruding bony prominence. Osteoarthritic change at the joint
or surrounding joints may also occur resulting in bunions, clawed or hammertoes.

A Podiatrist can provide conservative management to address the mechanical dysfunction of the foot.
It can include providing simple padding in footwear, providing supportive devices and advice on
appropriate footwear. This can result in a significant improvement in pain and function of the foot.

Diabetes-related foot problems

Diabetes can affect the feet in a multitude of ways. The feet will show the first signs of any diabetes
related complications especially relating to the circulation, nerve supply and the general health status
of the lower limbs.

A Podiatrist will provide a diabetic foot assessment whereby they can perform several non-invasive
vascular and neurological tests to determine the presence of any risk factors. They will also provide
education on self-foot care as well as provide ongoing nail and skincare when required.

Heel Pain checked by Podiatrist at our london clinic

Heel pain

Heel pain is related to inflammation and overload of the plantar fascia, pain in the fat pad surrounding
the heel and or from heel spurs. It is a physical discomfort on the back or the underside of the heel that
may make walking uncomfortable or difficult to bear.

Our podiatrist, Miss Alaa Razak has almost 15 years of experience in the field of Podiatry and has spent
10 years in the Private Practice in Central London.

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