The Pain Injection Clinic – Frequently Asked Questions

Focus on your purpose not your pain and visit our Joint Injection Clinic – new injection service in the heart of Chelsea!

Musculoskeletal conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, wrist tendonitis and frozen shoulder can cause significant pain, disability and interfere with daily activities and rest at night.

Injections can offer an individual a rapid means of managing joint and musculoskeletal pain, facilitate rehabilitation and in some circumstances treat the condition effectively.

Wondering if it’s the right place for you?

Here are some the frequently asked questions:

1. I have knee/hip pain and have seen a physiotherapist. When should I consider an injection?

An injection can be used to reduce inflammation, pain and facilitate the rehabilitation process. An injection can be helpful in allowing you to progress with rehab if pain is interfering with your ability to undertake a home exercise program. Sometimes pain interferes with daily activities and sleep at night. If this is the case then an injection can help for symptom relief. For some conditions an injection can be hugely important in management such as with frozen shoulder or wrist tendinitis.

2. What are the most common injections that you do?

The most common injection we perform is for knee arthritis; followed by shoulder injections for rotator cuff (impingement) and high volume (Hydrodilatation) injections for frozen shoulder.

3. Are there any side effects to injections?

The overall risks are low but there is a risk of infection and local bleeding at the injection site (in the region of 1 in 5000).

4. What do you inject?

Depending on the condition we can perform injections using steroid and local anaesthetic, Hyaluronic acid (lubricant injection), platelet-rich plasma (usually for early knee arthritis), Hydrodilatation for frozen shoulder (a higher volume injection used to stretch a tight capsule in frozen shoulder) and prolotherapy (high concentration sugar injection).

5. How are the injections performed?

All injections are performed by a highly trained specialist doctor, using ultrasound guidance for accuracy. There will be a full explanation of the injection procedure followed by completion of a written consent form and post injection advice and recommendations after the procedure.

How to get an appointment at the Joint Injection Clinic?

Click here to request an appointment or call us on 0207 838 6180 or email us on

Please note most appointments booked for The Joint Injection Clinic are by referral only. We look forward to treating you!

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