What Is a Holistic Gynecology?

Holistic Gynecology is dedicated to providing quality health care through a
doctor-patient partnership that focuses on disease prevention and health

One of the main differences between traditional medicine and holistic practitioners is
that instead of focusing mainly on physical needs or ailments, they look at patients
with a wider lens. During the visit, you’ll cover a lot more than the date of your last

Holistic Health Practitioners - Holistic Gynecology - Fertility Treatment

We focus on the mind, body and soul connection to provide personalized treatment
plans to fit your needs. We provide a wide spectrum of women’s health services,
from routine wellness exams to specialized fertility treatments.

Through our extensive consultations we get to know you, allowing us to build a
doctor-patient partnership that focuses on disease prevention and health
maintenance so we can provide you with a comprehensive plan of care.
Dr Hind Al-Husain has over 18 years experience in clinical practice having trained in
Obstetrics & Gynaecology shortly after graduating from University College Cork in
2000. She has delivered over 8,000 babies in her time in hospital obstetrics and
gynaecology. She now exclusively offers holistic gynaecology consultations to
address the symptoms associated with hormonal decline or imbalance, and the
resulting conditions this can cause in women. Menopause and perimenopause is the
main age related hormonal issue that is addressed in her practice.

Holistic Health Practitioners - Holistic Gynecology
Dr Al-Husain treats her patients with the best personalised medicine can offer –
bespoke prescriptions of natural body-identical hormones, exclusive high end
nutritional supplements and lifestyle/dietary advice. Her results speak for themselves
and are what every modern, discerning woman is looking for – symptom relief, a
superb feeling of well being and prevention of many age related disorders.
To book an appointment please contact us on📞 0207 838 6180 or visit:

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