What is Functional Medicine Nutrition?

Functional medicine can be thought of as the discipline that connects conventional medicine to
alternative medicine, it addresses the underlying causes of disease, using various strategic approaches
which engages both the patient and the practitioner in a strong and therapeutic partnership.

What is Functional Medicine exactly

Think of it as a “personalised lifestyle medicine” with treatment varying from patient to patient.
Functional medicine is focused on identifying functional deficiencies of a patient’s overall health.
Once you see how different systems are functioning within your body, you can then work with your
healthcare provider on unique food, supplements, and lifestyle strategies to actively promote a
healthier body and lifestyle.

How is Functional Medicine different from Conventional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a personalised and integrative approach to healthcare that addresses the root
causes of chronic disease rather than the prevailing conventional model of treating the symptoms.
Functional medicine helps the patient attain true primary prevention of disease (before the disease is
present) rather than just early detection (the disease process has already started). This is achieved by
incorporating an analysis of how all the components of the human body interact functionally with one
another and the environment.

Patient-centred approach

By focusing on a patient-centred approach, rather than the conventional disease-centred model,
functional medicine addresses the whole person – not just their symptoms. In most cases, the patients
possess the solutions to their own problems and the physician’s job is to retrieve that information and
organise it into an actionable plan that the patient understands and is willing to do. Ultimately,
functional medicine supports a uniquely personalised expression of health and vitality for each
individual. This is an evolution in medical practice that better addresses 21st-century healthcare needs.
Functional medicine teaches you how to listen to your body and tap into your health in ways you
never forget. Ultimately how you live each day determines your health and quality of life. Functional
medicine is designed to teach you how to live well and to support you in maintaining that lifestyle
despite the many toxic inputs and influences – chemicals in products and food, sedentary lifestyles,
chronic stress – we are all exposed to in today’s world.

Prevention is better than cure

The reality is, we all get sick at some point. Functional medicine is designed to prevent chronic
debilitating illness like diabetes, heart disease and cancer that are the number one killers in modern
society and to deal with temporary things, like viruses and bacterial infections, in a more natural way
that does less long term harm to the body. It also supports you with the guidance and tools to handle
the inevitable challenges in the best possible way so that you live well and generate as much
happiness in your life as you can.

Meet Our Practitioner – Natalia Otero Sancho is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP)
and Registered Nutritionist MBANT CNHC.

Natalia approaches Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy holistically, in a way that is both
human-centred and rooted within scientific study.









Natalia is especially passionate about:
Gut Health
Women’s Health
Autoimmune Conditions
Using the best tools available, Natalia is committed to helping all of her patients overcome whatever
health issues they may be facing or those looking for a long-lasting, positive change.

Click here to book an appointment or call us on 0207 838 6180 or email us on

We look forward to treating you!

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