What is Micropigmentation and How Can it Benefit Me?

We are excited to introduce our newest service – Micropigmentation!

Jevgenia Kauts is our Micropigmentation technician. Within the last ten years, she has gained a vast amount of knowledge in cosmetic tattooing and has earned trust with her clients who come to see her from all over the world.

What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation, also known as permanent makeup, is an aesthetic facial treatment that uses tattoos resemble makeup. Permanent makeup, or Micropigmentation, is a great possibility for those who fancy a natural look without the wearisome physical requirements of applying makeup.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, Micropigmentation is ready for you.

Micropigmentation offers a solution for the following:

– You suffered hair loss
– You want to hide a scar
– It saves time when applying makeup
– It helps if you are allergic to make up products
– It can even out your eyebrows
– You lips are thin or lack in volume

The area being treated is cleaned and a topical anaesthetic is applied to reduce any discomfort. A design is made before the treatment is carried out to indicate what the results will look like. Then, a pen-like instrument that is similar to a tattoo gun is used to apply the pigmentation. Most procedures will take up to 2 hours, depending on what is being done.

Micropigmentation can be done for the eyebrows, other parts of the face or body and the scalp. It lasts for an average of 3 years. Our specialist – Jevgenia will create the perfect shape and dimensions to suit each client’s personal preferences and features.

Most people report only feeling minor pressure or discomfort and less pain than a typical tattoo due to the use of a numbing cream. Of course, this will depend on your own personal tolerance to pain. Some level of pain or discomfort should be expected.

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