Why It’s Important to Care for Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. 

But.. What is mental health really? How to take care of emotional balance on a daily basis? 

We are only just learning to take care of our mental well-being. While traditional medicine that heals the body has been known for many years, we have been learning professional mental health care only for about 100 years. 

How often do you talk about your feelings? Now consider how easy it is for you to show love (to your partner, child, mother, grandmother) – you talk about it directly, you show affection with gestures or you cannot express what you feel at all. 

Are you ashamed? 

Mental Health

Think about fear, anxiety, dissatisfaction, doubt – how do you cope with expressing these emotions? How do you feel the moment you admit weakness or imperfection? 

  1. Start talking about what comes from your heart. Instead of the words “I think …” use “I feel that …”. Check what it’s like – to communicate using the language of emotions. Talking about feelings is uplifting, allows you to tighten your bonds with people and is a chance to get to know yourself. Allow yourself to do it! 
  2. Physical activity is also very important – exercise makes you not only take care of your body, but also work with stress and deal with difficult emotions much easier. But before you head to the gym or health club, consider incorporating outdoor exercise into your weekly schedule. Running, walking, working in the garden, cleaning – anything that keeps you moving! Feel the strength of your body and provide yourself with some endorphins in the fresh air. 
  3. Love yourself. You are unique – do you know that? You have to truly appreciate yourself. Take care of your body and mind – remember that both are closely related. Bet on healthy eating (what we eat affects our mental functioning), exercise (endorphins that are released during exercise have a phenomenal effect on our well-being), relax (dealing with stress using relaxation techniques and simple rest is very important!) . Take care of yourself – reward yourself for your efforts and pursue small whims. The less self-flagellation and more self-tickling the better for your mental health. 
  4. Challenge yourself. A challenge is something that is demanding. You have to make a little effort to achieve the goal. Thanks to the challenges, you go beyond your comfort zone, learn new things, build your experience and get to know yourself even more. Goals are one thing – you define them and try to complete them. Challenges are a slightly different topic – they are experiences that do not necessarily relate to the pursuit of success. Imagine that you have set yourself a challenge of exercise – and you have achieved that goal. How do you feel then? Self-satisfaction, pride, the feeling that you are developing – you are consistent. 
  5. Stop comparing your life and your problems with other people. The truth is: You have no idea what the people around you are struggling with – and it’s good that you don’t know it. Take care of your life, stop comparing yourself. Why? First of all: you only have an idea of how others live. You look at them from your own perspective, you are not aware of what life is like behind closed doors of their homes and you create in your head a vision of life that does not exist. If you like to compare yourself to the others, you lose. If you view others as inferior to you – you become obnoxious, self-righteous and mean (seriously!). On the other hand, if you compare yourself with people, feeling inferior to them, you lose your confidence, fall into the trap of jealousy and stop appreciating what you have. In both cases you are going backwards instead of developing. And you create a cloud of negative emotions around you.

Mental Health

It is important to talk to others about your problems and ask for help. Never allow yourself to suffer in silence. 

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