How to stay healthy during Winter

Staying healthy during colder months is the first step in making sure you can enjoy all the activities
this amazing season brings! Keep reading to find out what the most important aspects of Winter health are

The importance of good nutrition

Eating a diet full of vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains can also help you stay healthy
during the colder months. Try your best to have less fat and added sugar, and also keep an eye on
portion size. Use spices like Fennel, Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, Anise, Cinnamon, Black pepper,
Turmeric, Mustard seeds and Cardamom to help with digestion and eliminating gas.

Stay active during Winter

Any type of physical exercise can help. You can run, go to the gym or even just go for a walk.
Physical activity can help you maintain or lose weight, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and
improve your quality of sleep.

Drink lots of water

It is very easy to forget about hydration when the weather is cold but with cold weather comes more
clothing and when you’re exercising with layers, you’ll still sweat and lose vital electrolytes.
Remember to drink lots of water every day.

Top up on Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a lot of health benefits but in particular, it can contribute to the maintenance of the
the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

Stay warm for a healthy heart

Cold weather is particularly dangerous for older people and those with chronic health conditions
including heart or respiratory problems. Always wear layers of warm clothing and have regular hot
drinks and at least one hot meal a day if you can.

Whichever healthy steps you take this year, eating better or exercising more and staying hydrated,
remember they are an investment in you and your future!

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