Introducing Our Osteopath Holly Siddall

What made you want to become an osteopath, is there a personal story linked to your chosen career path? What would you be, if not an osteopath?

When I was younger I used to enjoy standing on the backs of family members and making them crack to give them instant relief – luckily I have since learned the correct techniques, and do not recommend standing on peoples backs! Ha ha! I chose osteopathy because I wanted to do something rewarding that was both scientific, and involved working with people. I also have a passion for design and would love to be a florist or interior designer, if not an osteopath.

 Name 3 personality traits that you need to become one… 

 Most importantly you must genuinely care about people, enjoy problem solving and good communication skills.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job and working in the health sector in general?

 Making people better is always rewarding, be it helping someone to sit more comfortably at work, enabling someone to walk again, or facilitating a grandparent to keep up with their grandchildren!

What are the main challenges that you face daily?

 Patients respond differently to different treatments, and sometimes you have to be extremely patient as you wait for the desired response. Osteopathy is about working together with the patient to come up with coordinated expectations and a realistic management plan.

What do you enjoy the most about working in the heart of Chelsea?

 Shopping of course!! I love trying new coffee places or restaurants on my lunch break. Before you know it you have reached your 10,000 steps goal wondering around the shops on the Kings Road and Knightsbridge – always a bonus.

What are your hobbies and interests, what do you enjoy doing outside work hours?

 I love to keep active for general health and stress management. I try to do something each day, for example tennis, boxing, boot camps or even a long walk through Central London. I love spending time with my friends and family so I usually drag one of them along with me too!

What would be your advice to aspiring osteopaths out there? 

Choose your place of study carefully – they all offer something unique so be sure to find the right one for you, as you will be spending a minimum of four years there. During your studies I would advise you to observe different osteopaths and pick up unique patient management styles, or techniques you like. When you start practicing as an osteopath you will develop your own style of practice, but it is important to know how it feels to be a patient and understand osteopathy from their perspective.

What does your typical day look like?

 I usually start the day with a flat white coffee and then see patients in the morning. At lunch I like to meet friends who work locally and try somewhere new, although I often find myself frequenting Poilâne and the Good Life Eatery. I see more patients in the afternoon and then walk home, weather permitting! Occasionally in the afternoon I will practice techniques with colleagues or attend conferences with healthcare professionals to keep up to date with the latest research. I enjoy cooking in the evenings and watching a light-hearted film!

Tell us a funny story related to your years of practice… 

In my final year of university I went to Kings College dissection rooms to watch the dissection of a cadaver. I was slightly apprehensive as we walked in and saw the tables laid out with an array of different body parts, and tubs of brains and spinal cords. As it was my first time watching a dissection I decided to stand near the back and watch cautiously. As the professor picked up the cadaver to turn it around, the knee joint hinged and the row of students in front quickly parted ways, allowing the foot of the cadaver to swing right in to my face!


Hanna-Amanda is a London-based sustainability journalist specialising in fashion and lifestyle writing. In addition to Chelsea Health E-Magazine, Hanna-Amanda is the Brand Director of Savant Magazine (, a digital slow lifestyle publication dedicated to a visual assemblage of all things ethical and sustainable. In her spare time, Hanna-Amanda shares a great passion for French culture, slow living and exploring the little marvels and miracles all around the world… 


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