Spring Nutrition Tips from Our In-House Nutritionist

Spring nutrition with Tautvile Sliazaite

Why we shouldn’t skip breakfast? Could the reason behind your spring fatigue be poor nutrition? How much water should we drink during summer months? How to cope with tiredness caused by wrong food choices? What are the most beneficial foods to start your day with? Why snacking on a pack of Maltesers might not be so good idea after all? Answers to these and other spring nutrition-related questions will be covered in a series of videos guided by our in-house nutritionist, Tautvile Sliazaite.

With so many appetising choices out there, many of us are struggling with maintaining a balanced, healthy diet. Yet caring about nutrition and what we put into our bodies is especially important during the more active spring and summer months, when the arrival of grill and pavement terrace season brings more temptations to resist on a daily basis, making it easier to over-indulge.

Good nutrition – an adequate, well-balanced diet – is, however, a cornerstone of health. In order to prevent any long-term concerns caused by poor nutrition, such as reduced immunity and productivity, it is important to be aware of our everyday food choices. When the season is all about greasy, grilled meats and sharing conversations over countless cups of coffee and glasses of red wine, according to our nutritionist Tautvile, learning to differentiate between the ‘good and bad’ is the key.

Tautvile guarantees that nutrition is not about taking the pleasures of life away, such as enjoying good quality food with a bunch of friends, but providing you with tips about making a healthier, more balanced choice. “Instead of eating red meat, which is barbecued, or just over-cooked, I would say start eating more medium rare meat, and have more roasted meat rather than fried meat. When it comes to choosing between fish and meat, I would say always go for fish,” she advises.



Among other useful dietary tips, Tautvile reassures that knowing what’s good for your body and individual needs is often the key that helps prevent unwanted weight gain. Through our first series of vlogs, our nutritionist Tautvile will share how just a few useful, yet simple spring nutrition tips can help you keep your diet more balanced and varied, and will guide you through maintaining a healthier you even during the active summer months. Let’s preserve a healthy mind in an active physique this spring!

For more tips on how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, follow our channel – CP Medical Clinic.


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