Taking care of your skin in a 360-degree – MSKIN 360

We are delighted to announce the opening of MSKIN360 at Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic. The MSKIN360 offers treatments for taking care of your skin in a 360-degree way. Our experienced practitioners – skin consultant and practitioner Olga Achou and Dr Mette Norup, aesthetic practitioner experienced in non-surgical facial advanced aesthetics, advise you keeping in mind your current skin conditions, any allergies and its individual needs, and therefore guarantee your skin is well looked after and pampered in a 360-way, 365 days a year.

Come and discover our skin treatments this winter, whereas our skin needs more attention and care, and is more receptive to dryness and eczema. Together you will find the best solution and treatment tailored for your skin’s needs. The procedures and treatments we offer at our skin clinic are carried out using two world’s leading brands in aesthetic cosmetic treatments – Meder and Zein Obagi (ZO Skin Health).  We have also recently included Genosys Dermafix therapy.

NEW! Our Skin Clinic is offering a special ‘Club’ membership for our most loyal customers frequenting our clinic. Exclusive offers and discounts available all year round to our loyal members.


Meder Beauty Science offers 5 professional treatments for a variety of aesthetic problems, whereas the combination of organic plant extracts and the latest bio-tech ingredients makes Meder Beauty Science one of the few truly effective cosmeceutical brands on the market. The results of the treatments are instantly noticeable and lasting while being achieved without pain, risk or skin trauma. The treatment has also proven to be suitable for sensitive skin.

Meder Treatments:

Myo-Fix: Mimic Wrinkle Correction

A non-surgical no-injection treatment course for the correction of mimic wrinkles and fine lines. A non-surgical eyebrow lifting.

Recommended for: young people with expressive mimic; 30+ age group; women and men with mimic wrinkles and first fine lines; people with contraindications to Botox injections; pregnant and nursing women; Botox patients in-between the injection courses (as a supporting treatment); mimic wrinkle prevention.

Innovative peptides work in synergy, immobilising the mimic muscles only where it’s necessary — at their points of connection with the skin. High concentration of active ingredients combined with unique skin preparation protocol deliver stable and visible results.

Results: smooth glowing skin, visibly reduced wrinkles. Results comparable to injection treatments

No pain, no risk, no side-effects, no contraindications. Lasting results. Normalising and rejuvenating effect.

Eu-Seb: Prebiotic Anti-Acne Therapy

A gentle prebiotic therapy for mild to severe acne, oily and problem skin.

Recommended for: all age groups; women and men with chronic persistent acne; people with sensitive skin prone to inflammation; teens; rosacea patients; people with oily and shiny skin.

Prebiotics help normalise the skin’s ecoflora while other active ingredients provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.

Results: smooth and matte inflammation-free skin, tightened pores, healthy glow, normal sebum production, reduced sensitivity.

Instant relief for inflamed angry skin

Tight pores and matte skin

No flakiness or irritation

Comfortable, pain-free therapy

Lipo-Oval: Non-Surgical Facial Slimming  

An intense facial slimming therapy and double chin reduction. Other use: ‘Monday morning’ treatment.

Recommended for: all age groups; men and women with excessive weight; people trying to lose weight; people with facial puffiness, malar bags and bags under eyes; urban professionals in need of ‘the morning after’ instant beauty treatment.

How it works: powerful lypolitic ingredients reduce the fatty tissue and improve microcirculation providing draining and lifting effect.

Results: the face and the neck look slimmer, the skin is visibly firmer, puffiness gone.

Slimmer and fitter appearance

Visible double chin reduction

Toned up skin and healthy look (even after a party weekend)

Sharper facial features

Hydra-Fill: Total Hydration and Filling

An advanced hydrating and filling treatment. Other use: the ‘Red Carpet Facial’ — instant beauty procedure before an important event or a wedding.

Recommended for: all age groups; people with dry, dehydrated and very sensitive skin; frequent fliers; stressed urban dwellers; smokers; brides getting ready for the big day; anyone who needs to look their best.

Hyaluronic acid of various molecular weight restores moisture levels in the deep skin layers and the skin’s natural protection, and fills the skin erasing wrinkles, signs of fatigue and free radicals’ damage.

Results: rested and glowing look, visibly smoother skin and more even complexion exuding youthful radiance.

Instant skin glow

Comfortable feeling in dry skin

No irritation

Stable lasting hydration

Powerful rejuvenating effect

Light and even complexion

Arma-Lift: Non-Surgical Anti-Age Lifting 

A non-invasive filler anti-age treatment for mature dull and tired skin. Other uses: ‘Mother-of-the-Bride Facial’ and preparation/recovery therapy for traumatic treatments, including aesthetic surgery.

Recommended for: 40+ age group; people with toneless ageing skin with wrinkles and fine lines.

Stem cell technology boosts dermal synthesis reducing wrinkles, while Epidermal Growth Factor accelerates the skin regeneration.

Results: wrinkles visibly smaller, brighter complexion, rested and fresh look,

The enjoyable sensation of more elastic skin

Visibly smoother skin

Noticeably less wrinkles in a few weeks

Instant fresh and rested look

Pronounced rejuvenation effect


GENOSYS DERMAFIX is an automatic device for microneedling therapy.

It helps increase the absorption rate of active ingredients of skin care products by creating physical pathways through skin. In addition, it helps collagen and elastin induction through natural wound healing process of skin. Also, the superb Dermafix automated pen device, is less uncomfortable than a dermaroller.

Procedure clinically proven to reduce:

·         Fine lines and wrinkles.

·         Scars and acne.

·         Sun damaged and ageing skin.

Effects of treatment:

·         Boost New Collagen Cells

·         Accelerate Skin Regeneration & Increase Product Absorption

·         Improve Texture, Tone Pores, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

·         Achieve Clearer, Smoother, Brighter Skin

·         Tighten, Firm, Plump and Hydrate

·         Treat hair loss

·         Improve stretch marks

·         Improves the Appearance of Pigmentation and Acne Scarring



Hanna-Amanda is a London-based sustainability journalist specialising in fashion and lifestyle writing. In addition to Chelsea Health E-Magazine, Hanna-Amanda is the Brand Director of Savant Magazine (, a digital slow lifestyle publication dedicated to a visual assemblage of all things ethical and sustainable. In her spare time, Hanna-Amanda shares a great passion for French culture, slow living and exploring the little marvels and miracles all around the world… 

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