Travel Clinic in the heart of Sloane Avenue


Travel Clinic – in the heart of Sloane Avenue

As more and more people travel to more and more exotic climes more frequently, it is essential that a travel clinic can accommodate the needs of today’s traveller.

Between the Pharmacy and the Travel Clinic most if not all vaccinations, immunisations, anti-malarials, etc can be supplied provided and where needed administered on site.


Immunisations/ Vaccines available from the Travel Clinic:

Cholera oral (Dukoral) Course of 2 £35

Hepatitis A (Havrix Monodose) Single Dose of £55

Hepatitis A & B combined – Adult (Twinrix) Course of 3 £75

Hepatitis A & B combined – Paediatric (Ambirix Junior) Course of 2 £65

Hepatitis A & B combined – Paediatric (Twinrix) Course of 3 £50

Hepatitis A Paediatric – (Havrix Monodose Junior) Single Dose £45

Hepatitis A & Typhoid combined (Viatim) Single Dose £100

Hepatitis B  (Energix B) Course of 3 £45

Hepatitis B Paediatric  (EnergixB Junior) Course of 3 £30

Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO) Course of 2 £95

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Single Dose £50

Meningitis ACWY + certificate Single Dose £70

Rabies Vaccine (Rabipur) Course of 3 £65

Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio (Revaxis) Single Dose £35

Typhoid (Typhim Vi) Single Dose  £55

Typhoid oral (Vivotif) Single Dose  £50

*All vaccinations carried out by a Doctor of your choice

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