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ADHD Clinic in Chelsea

If you are struggling with long waiting times for an ADHD assessment, our Private GP’s would love to help. We are a private medical clinic based in Chelsea.

Our ADHD Clinic in Chelsea offers private ADHD assessments and diagnoses for individuals seeking comprehensive and personalized care. Our clinic specializes in ADHD assessments for both children and adults, providing expert diagnosis and tailored treatment plans.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, including ADHD psychiatrists, Private GP specialists, and mental health experts. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and understand that ADHD can significantly impact daily life, affecting concentration, organization, and overall well-being.

Our services include private ADHD assessments, diagnosis, and ADHD Prescriptions tailored to meet your needs.

Private ADHD Clinic in London




We understand how difficult it is waiting without answers, so we offer a comprehensive ADHD packages that includes:

  • Initial GP consultation
  • Full health check: ECG, blood test
  • Consultation with the Psychiatrist for an ADHD Assessment
  • Medical Report with the ADHD Assessment
  • Prescription for ADHD Medication

How do I get an ADHD Diagnosis Chelsea?

Currently, the NHS has paused ADHD Assessments and diagnosis, as the service is overwhelmed. They expect the service to return next year.

For this reason, many people awaiting a diagnosis are having to go to private clinics, many of which have also paused their services due to overload. Our ADHD Assessment, Diagnosis, and Prescription service is currently operating with no delays. 

When you book an ADHD Assessment package with us, you can expect your diagnosis and prescription within 3 weeks.

Private ADHD Clinic in London

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is a neurodevelopmental condition that can impact both children and adults. The symptoms of ADHD can be divided into two main categories: inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity. It’s important to note that not everyone with ADHD will experience all these symptoms, and the severity of symptoms can vary. 


Hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms may include:

What are the impacts of ADHD?

The impacts of ADHD can be severe and difficult to manage without help and appropriate treatment. Some symptoms of ADHD are; difficulty concentrating, being inattentive and failing to finish tasks to completion, mental and physical restlessness, forgetfulness, impulsivity, and unstable mood. These can cause behavioural issues such as struggling to listen during conversations, getting easily distracted, forgetting things, and making mistakes. However, the disorder is varied and requires an in-depth formal diagnosis by a psychiatrist in order to be treated accurately according to the individuals’ particular symptoms. Additionally, depression, anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem and drug misuse are more common in adults with ADHD.

These symptoms can have debilitating and destructive impacts, often resulting in a lack of academic, social and personal development. For instance, it has been shown that higher severity of ADHD symptoms is predictive of poorer academic achievement (Rogers, 2001) with an increased likelihood of getting low results at school.

A Private Diagnosis For ADHD

A Private Diagnosis For ADHD

If you’re searching for a private ADHD clinic in Chelsea that provides expert diagnosis and personalized care, look no further than our ADHD Clinic in Chelsea. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward managing your ADHD symptoms and improving your quality of life.

The cost for an ADHD clinic assessment is £1445. If you’re planning about getting an ADHD assessment in Chelsea, call our clinic on 02078386180 to book your ADHD Assessment. Our team is committed to offering compassionate and efficient care for individuals with ADHD, and we are eager to assist you on your path to improved mental health.

When you visit our clinic, you can expect a comprehensive assessment process that includes a range of services aimed at providing you with the best possible care. Your journey begins with a GP consultation, during which you can discuss your concerns and medical history. Following this, you will undergo a full health check, which includes an ECG and blood test to assess your overall health.

You will then have an ADHD specialised psychiatric consultation and assessment, where our specialists will evaluate your symptoms and provide a diagnosis if necessary. After your assessment, you will receive a medical report outlining the findings and any treatment recommendations.

If medication is recommended, you will receive a prescription to help manage your symptoms. Our goal is to provide you with personalized care and support every step of the way.

Our clinic provides an all inclusive package that takes you from your assessment, to diagnosis, to prescription. We have some of the quickest diagnosis times in the UK, with ADHD Diagnosis taking around 3 weeks. 





  • Receive a GP consultation
  • Full health check: ECG, blood test
  • Psychiatric consultation and assessment
  • Medical report
  • Prescription
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